Contemporary Theme Products
Most of these items are made to order and can take up to 14 days depending on our workload.  Please contact us if you require a piece urgently.

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T12 Tealights

Tealight Candle Plates
The T12 Tealight Candle Plates are made from System 96 Coloured Glass.

All tealights sold through our web site are on a clear glass base with various other colours added as powders and frits in a number of patterns.  You have a choice of up to three colours.

Select from the various options to the right to order your tealight.


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SB32 Square Bowl

Slumped glass bowl 32cm (12") square and 7cm (3") deep. 
Comes gift boxed. Available in a number of colours.  It is either sandblasted (frosted) with a double square pattern in the base or is left clear.

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Sushi Plates (Boxed Pair)

Boxed pair of unique sushi plates

16cm x 24cm (6" x 9"). White or greenish glass.

The Sushi Plates are packaged as a boxed pair and are available in two colours white or clear (greenish) glass.  The photo shows the greenish colour.


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P32 Platter

A rectangular platter measuring 16cm (6") x 32cm (12") with a centre depression of 1cm (0.5") deep.

This comes in a variety of colours in clear (transparent) glass or is sandblasted to give a frosted finish either all over or with a pattern. (See options)