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“My love of glass began during a holiday in Europe over thirty years ago whilst viewing the wonderful stained glass windows of the old cathedrals, then a visit to Murano left me with a passion to work with glass. I started with lead lighting and stained glass. After several years of designing and making lead light panels and stained glass objects I discovered kiln formed glass. This provided a whole new dimension to my work as I could now blend the wonderful colours and textures of sheet glass with the form of slumping moulds. I love the way you can change the shape and colour of the initial object to allow you to create something special. A whole new perspective was added when I started using Dichroic Glass. This wonderful advent to the world of art glass has added another level to my work, that of the unknown. Although you can predict the outcome of fusing dichroic glass to a degree, the final outcome always seems to be even more dramatic than expected. The way different light and viewing angle affects the colour and texture of pieces made with this glass is truly amazing.”

Latest News

Stay tuned for news of a great selection of Barbara's beautiful Art Glass Bowls being added to our online shop.

There are a number of bowls currently in stock that we will be adding to the store shortly. These will be offered at a discounted price. 
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Great selections of Dichroic Glass Earrings have been added to our online store.

Check out what is available to purchase by clicking on the link below.Dichroic Glass Earrings at our online shop
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